Uncle Arlo's A+ Tattoos



Where do you tattoo?

Currently at Gastown Tattoo in Vancouver, Canada.

I am planning some travel. Watch my instagram or follow my travels on Coal.

How do I book with you?

I book tattoos 3 times a year,  on the first of January, May and September. See the contact page on those dates to fill in a request form.

I also travel and do guest appearances and conventions.  

I will announce on this website and on Instagram when those exact dates are near those times.  There will be a form on the contact page to fill out when bookings are open.  

How much do you charge?

I charge roughly based on a $200/hr rate.  Though that may fluctuate slightly depending on size, detail, body coverage.  

What kind of tattoos do you make?

I like to make tattoos that use the body of the client as not just a canvas but as part of the tattoo, working with shapes of the body and how imagery relates, juxtaposes or flows with those parts.   I work in  a few different styles, look at the tattoos and ideas posted on this site and Instagram for current work.    I'm not so interested in making tattoos that are more like stamps. I love tattooing based on animals, nature, science, and architecture. And like all tattooers skull and snakes are cool. ALSO. Stay weird.

How does the your tattoo process work?

People email me,  if the project interests me then I will contact you.  We will set up a consult appointment and have a face to face discussion to get to know each other and how our ideas can connect.  I'll then work on ideas and sketches for the tattoo.  I won't have a finished drawing ready until the tattoo and even then much of my work is drawn directly onto the skin.  The tattoo is the finished work.

I found this image on the internet.  Can you recreate it on me?

No.  Not directly.  I want to make my own art work.  You should want something new and original as well.  I have lots of ideas and creative thought. 

I have a body.  Will you just make your art on it?

Yes,  I would love to.  Just be warned that it may be very strange, but this is preferable.   

Also as much as I would hope this could go without saying (but the world seems to take two steps back now and then).  I am queer, body, trans positive, down with anybody from anywhere in the world.  

note on the space: I work on the 3rd floor with access via steep stairs only.  Arraignments can be made if needed.